The Return Of Ibogaine: Stacey Dash

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For the past year I’ve been unable to sell a humor piece I wrote not long after “actress” and “host” Stacey Dash appeared at the Oscars. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny or a good read. Therefore, I’ll be posting to this site many of the ideas I can’t get published for money. I can’t let great shit like this go to waste. I wouldn’t be doing my job. Enjoy!

A rumor has taken root that we pro-Black folks need to be aware of in case there’s any merit to the claim: Ibogaine, the highly psychedelic drug extracted from the African Ibola plant — written extensively about by gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson during the 1972 campaign trail — is once again sweeping through our political landscape and has now begun eating the brain of one of our more prominent and once quasi-talented actresses. I’m referring to none other than…Stacey Dash now of Fox News.

Journalist Geoff Edgars publicly asked whether The Cheeto had gotten hold of some Ibogaine recently in The Washington Post with no confirmation, but when last on the public radar Ibogaine addiction was rumored to have stricken democratic candidate Edmund Muskie from Maine. The rumor goes that Muskie succumbed to the powerful effects of the drug while campaigning for president. It’s never been proven to be anything other than rumor; the secretive nature of those refining and dealing the drug to unnamed underground sources and all.

Ms. Dash, most notable for her appearance at age 28 in the campy teen flick Clueless, became addicted during the filming of that movie, and other rumors have it that tree-hugging co- star Alicia Silverstone gave her her first hit. It’s been an obvious slippery slope because now she’s a crazy-ass, thrice-divorced, clueless Ann Coulter wannabe.

Ms. Dash has since been given a platform via Fox News to air her social and political views as a “contributor for cultural analysis and commentary.” What qualifies her for this position is unknown, but another rumored role she’s playing these days — one that for obvious reasons must be kept quiet — is that of official KKK mascot and white supremacist sex slave. Hard to believe I know, yet there are various anonymous sources backing this up.

As we know now, Dash has made various convoluted statements about racism and sexism during her show due to the side-effects of Ibogaine, including that there is no wage gap between the sexes in America, although she’s completely forgotten she’d been taken care of to the tune of $6,000 per month from an ex-fiancee (revealed recently in bankruptcy papers). Ibogaine can severely affect the memory and cognitive processes as well as cause severe psychedelic auditory and visual hallucinations. No confirmation yet about whether — given the known effects of ibogaine — Dash’s brain was almost paralyzed by hallucinations at the time; that she looked out during taping and saw gila monsters instead of people, and that her mind snapped completely. Word of mouth also suggests that Ibogaine was being tested in homophobic communities in what’s known as “conversion therapy” exercises. But our powerful LGBTQ community shut that right down as this community is NOT to be challenged and has shown repeatedly that when there’s a need for organization and political action, such action occurs.. The Black community however, has yet to display the same type of unity and focus, and therefore is hugely susceptible to the epidemic Ibogaine can potentially cause. Ibogaine with the once again-popular carcinogenic skin bleaching creams can be a deadly combination. Nasty stuff. We now know what poisoned the set of VH-1’s Single Ladies.

Ibogaine comes from the Ibola plant, native to Africa and the Bwiti people, which Ms. Dash surely will not like to hear. Since her experience using the drug seems to distort her image of her own people, Black people, rehabilitating herself will be quite a challenge. Ibogaine has been studied by the CIA in the 1950s for its potentially useful medicinal properties but isn’t approved for use in the United States. It’s psychoactive, which makes it quite useful in hallucinogenic mind- bending cult rituals. Dash says she gets her stash from a Dutch variant that has nothing to do with Africa; she got the hookup from Roger Ailes. The experience while under the influence of Ibogaine can be described as a two-phase experience: There is a visionary phase where the subject sees the world as totally distorted and detached from reality, and the introspection phase where a subject reflects on his or her fears and other more powerful emotions in order to process them. Ibogaine reached an all-time high in use during the early 1970s and then went back underground again, sources say until now.

Please, no matter what you do, DO NOT alert or alarm Ms. Dash to the psychotropic affects of Ibogaine unless she’s threatened the safety of another. The shock could permanently affect her brain. She has children, however, and therefore needs immediately help. Also worth remembering: all this is rumor; a rumor I made up. Nonetheless, please keep your children safe and educate them on the terrible psychedelic effects of Ibogaine.

Assess for yourself:

Tweezing Police Brutality: His Name Is Tyree King

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Tweezing Police Brutality: A 13-year-old boy, Tyree King, was murdered on September 14, 2016 by police in Ohio (an open carry state), while playing with a toy gun. Sound familiar?

I’m thoroughly tired of this shit.

Therefore, there will be NO standing for an anthem, or putting my hand over my heart (PLEASE!) or recitation of any pledges of any allegiances until this nonsense racism and Black-phobia ends.

Go Colin Kaepernick.


The Revolution Is Being Televised.

UnknownSniper fire rang out during an otherwise peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protest last night in Dallas, TX. I thought at the time, and I believe now that the chickens that Malcolm X spoke about before his murder in 1965 are finally coming home to roost. Four police officers are dead. The 2016 death count for United States police officers shooting civilians: 115.

…and the day came that the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anain Nin

Listen to Ms. Davis. She knows what’s up…


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I cannot write another post on a second day in a row about yet another young Black male killed on film by police for no reason (in front of his girl and child; reaching for his registration and insurance; licensed to carry). Therefore, I’ll leave this poem by the precursors (stewards) of Hip Hop, The Last Poets:




Graphic Courtesy Of MCLyte's Instagram Feed.
Graphic Courtesy Of MCLyte’s Instagram Feed.

I saw numerous posts the other day about “respecting the flag.” None of those assholes will say a Goddamned thing about Alton Sterling.

Fuck your flag.

Until my people are treated equally to whites in this country, take your flag, rub it in dog shit, set it ablaze, and then stick it in your ass.

Alton Sterling was a hardworking family man with permission from a store’s owner to sell his CDs outside. He was shot and killed, in the coldest blood, because he was Black. NOT because he was carrying a gun as Louisiana is an open carry state.

IMG_2930Their names are Blane Salamoni, son of the heir apparent to the chief of police in Baton Rouge, and Howie Lake II, a 3-year veteran. And they’ll probably get a complete walk for shooting someone trying to earn a living. Yes Sterling had a gun. Did you see it? Was it drawn?? He was face down on the ground. Yet we now know more about his background and personal life than these “officers.” Someone close to the incident recorded the murder. The officer’s body cams were conveniently missing. When actor Jesse Williams gave a stirring acceptance speech pointing out these systemic issues, there were calls for him to be fired from his job (LOL) and accusations that he’s the racist.

Oh, and the police-triggered death count is now over 500 for the year, higher than last year’s toll at this time, which was the deadliest year ever. The death list just keeps on growing.

Therefore, if you posted anything the other day about “respecting the flag” and you say nothing about this case, kindly remove your ignorant, prejudiced, clueless ass from my social media pages. Ignore me in the streets. You’re not a good American.

Fuck the flag.

 This is graphic. This is disgusting. This is America. 

My Thoughts On Jesse Williams…

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Jesse Williams has been an activist since high school. He attended the Moses Brown Quaker School in Providence, RI with my heart Jonathan Dyson. There was a “racial incident” one day at school. And since the Quakers don’t play that, a school wide meeting was called to discuss it. From what I was told, Jesse brought it then — in front of the entire class — just like he did last night. This is nothing new for him. But it seems to be new for the many Black folks who’re so amazed that this brother with the perfect, crossover looks can be so radically down for his people. This reminds me of my middle and high school classmates who believed that because I look like I do, which obviously means I think I’m white, I shouldn’t have been raising up on our teachers for our inaccurate and whitewashed history lessons: something I did EVERY DAY.

Therefore, some folks like Sil Lai Abrams penned brilliant responses dealing with colorism, like THIS. Others, like for the Providence Journal, delved into his upbringing with activist parents. Many posted tweets like this:
We have got to do better.
Yes, Jesse is fine. Yet his brain is finer. So what that he’s “light?” While we’re so busy competing in the light skin vs. dark skin Olympics as Abrams so pointedly described it, the oppressor gets to keep on skipping down the primrose path whistling a happy tune!
WE’RE ALL BLACK! We’re all in this shit together. Let’s act like it.

Here’s Jesse’s BET Humanitarian Award acceptance speech:

Did Y’all Watch The Jackie Robinson PBS Special?

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Jackie Robinson will forever be connected to my Great-Grandmother in my heart.


My Great-Grandmother was born in October, 1898 in Georgia. Her name was Azzie Lee Parham-Jones-Glover. She was a HUGE baseball fan. But not just any baseball fan, a Brooklyn Dodger fan. That carries some weight, especially for a Black woman raised in the segregated South.

I was the one who in 1997 told her, with my dad standing beside me, that Major League Baseball made the decision to retire Robinson’s number 42 in perpetuity. It took us about 15 minutes to convince her we weren’t playing a trick on her. And then, she launched into some stories. Old folks always have stories.

See, she’d travelled with my Great-Grandfather, Len Jones, all the way to Toronto to see Jackie Robinson play. That was where one of the Dodger minor league teams was based and where Robinson warmed up before his debut at Ebbet’s Field on April 15, 1947. And yes, my Great-Grandparents were in attendance that day too.

She remained a Dodger fan until they abandoned her to California in the 50s, and then when the Mets came about she began staunchly rooting for those underdogs (you won’t find very many older Black people who are Yankee fans, as the Yankees were THE LAST American League team to call up any Black players).

Anyway, PBS aired a fantastic Ken Burns-directed two-night special on Robinson’s life and career this week. Y’all should check it out. Robinson wasn’t even Mama Glover’s favorite player. Roy Campanella was. Go figure.

Bernie Sanders: Inept About Race, Or Just Not A PR Puppet?

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To Everyone Who Believes Hillary Clinton Has A Better Track Record On Race Issues Than Bernie Sanders:

Sit down. Listen. Consider this:

Just admit that she’s the “name brand” candidate and you don’t know much about the other.



Now, think. Seriously. THINK. Now READ.


Now consider this:

Perhaps Bernie Sanders isn’t a public relations puppet like some of these more mainstream candidates. He hasn’t spent the past 40 years in very high-profile positions in Governor’s mansions and fancy New York City corporate speaking engagements having been focus-tested, having “talking points” jammed down his throat and having his image put through the public relations grinder. Perhaps Sanders hasn’t been shrink-wrapped and bar-coded to within an inch of recognizability and his “ineptness” is wholesome humanity mistranslated.


Do y’all really believe that because Sanders fumbles some language and Hillary’s talking points always come out “just so” means that Sanders is the one we should distrust?!

Come on Black and Brown folks! We’ve been to the proverbial puppet show and we’ve seen all the strings, haven’t we? Momentum is with Bernie even if the super delegates say otherwise. The mainstream media is in Hillary’s pocket and has been for decades. Get to know Bernie. Please. I’m asking nicely.

#BernieMadeMeWhite #FeelTheBern

Freelance Frustration No. 274: Landing An Assignment It Took Years To Place

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Today I’m sending emails to sources I interviewed YEARS AGO.

I can’t stand doing this. I brace myself for accusations of incompetency and laziness. I cringe with embarrassment.

Yet, it’s totally unavoidable when editors aren’t paying attention and have very narrow ideas of what would fit in their publication (IN THIS CASE: never an article on Black people). They’ll turn an idea down even when they’ve only half-read it. I know when an issue is important enough and urgent enough to report, and I know which publications would benefit from publishing them. I’ve been doing this a looooong time! Hence, the frustration. Therefore, every freelance writer has a laundry list of unfinished projects and ideas for articles that resembles that trail of breadcrumbs Hansel and Gretel left in the forest.

So, today I picked up an idea again that I’d put on the back burner a few years ago. Now — because it’s in the national news — the idea has suddenly become “relevant” to some editors I’d contacted about it years ago.

I’m working on the pitch today.


Wish it luck.

Police Brutality Death List 22: What’s A Journalist To Do?

Everybody who knows me knows that I’m militant. I ain’t about pussyfooting around the issues that effect people unfairly. Racism, sexism, homophobia — you name it — I want it gone. I want it set on fire. I want it buried. Period.

And when something happens (and keeps happening) that affects a group of people disproportionately and the media want to cover it honestly, throwing a monkey wrench into the ability to do just that makes me pop off like a bottle rocket.

The one subject that promises every time to bring all these elements together and do just that?

Police brutality; something that as the daughter and granddaughter of police officers I DO NOT take lightly.

If you haven’t been following the few honest news stories covering the death of Mike Brown, the black teenager on his way to college who was gunned down in cold blood last week by a white cop while he had his hands in the air, and the subsequent aftermath (the peaceful assembly, the tear gas, the forbidding of media professionals from getting close to the scene):


I’m a loud mouth and a journalist, so I’m rarely at a loss for words. Y’know when it happens most often?

When. I’m. PISSED.

So, if you don’t understand how UNARMED black men in this country are being affected (i.e., gunned down) by racist cops with blood lust and a license to kill, I have no words for you right now. I simply offer you this death list:

  1. Kendrec McDade, 19, Pasadena
  2. Timothy Russell, Cleveland
  3. Ervin Jefferson, 18, Atlanta
  4. Amadou Diallo, 23, NYC
  5. Patrick Dorismond, 26, NYC
  6. Ousmane Zongo, 43, NYC
  7. Timothy Stansbury, Jr., 19, Brooklyn
  8. Sean Bell, 23, Queens
  9. Orlando Barlow, 28, Las Vegas
  10. Aaron Campbell, 25, Portland
  11. Victor Steen, 17, Pensacola Fla
  12. Steven Eugene Washington, 27, Los Angeles
  13. Alonzo Ashley, 29, Denver
  14. Wendell Allen, 20, New Orleans
  15. Ronald Madison, 40 & James Brissette, 17, New Orleans
  16. Travares McGill, 16, Sanford Fla (yes, where Trayvon Martin was killed…by a wannabe cop)
  17. Ramarley Graham, 18, The Bronx
  18. Oscar Grant, 22, Oakland
  19. Kimani Gray, 16, Brooklyn
  20. Eric Garner, 43, NYC
  21. Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson Mo.

And a 22nd just this past Monday night, August 11th, in Los Angeles: Ezell Ford, 24.

These gentlemen had lives, people! They had schoolwork and jobs and families too. It’s time to get active, folks. No more sitting around saying, “That’s so sad.”

Q1: What would happen if WE ALL rented vans, filled them with friends, family, CAMERAS and supplies and drove to Ferguson, Mo and stood with the people?

I’m ready to go right now! And I want to bring all my journalist colleagues with me.

Q2: What would happen if every black homeowner/taxpayer (and there are many whites out there protesting too) in Ferguson refused to pay their municipal TAXES, which pay for police salaries?

All thoughts, opinions and fury are very welcome.



From “Anonymous,” with a PROMISE to uncover the TRUTH! Expect Us!